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Magiluth brings to Maringá “Death and Life”, which starts from the poem by João Cabral

A performance by the Magiluth theater group next Wednesday, 6th, marks the restart of the “Escala Cultural” project, carried out in Maringá by 2 Coelhos Comunicação e Cultura, through the Federal Law for Incentive to Culture and the sponsorship of several companies . The show comes from the Curitiba Theater Festival and brings the Pernambuco group to the city for the first time. The single session of “Study nº 1: Death and Life” is at 8 pm at Teatro Barracão, with free admission and interpretation in Libras, the Brazilian Sign Language.

The show starts from the dramatic poem Morte e Vida Severina, by João Cabral de Melo Neto, and proposes a scenic study on the trajectory of immigrants who leave the northeastern hinterland and follow the river path in search of better living and working conditions. The hybrid and restless look of the Pernambuco collective turns, in this show, to the migratory movements generated by climatic, political and social adversities.

“This time we managed to reach the essence of the project, which is to bring a group into circulation, connecting with a city that is not necessarily the group’s origin”, explains cultural producer Rachel Coelho, and coordinator of the project, which brings the Recife group directly from Curitiba, where they perform in the official show of the traditional theater festival.

As its name suggests, Escala seeks to select theatrical performances of groups that are participating in festivals and shows or performing isolated presentations through public notices, making them “stop” here, inserting the municipality into their scripts.

In this edition, the curatorship is signed by Rachel and also by journalist and theater critic Valmir Santos, from São Paulo. Santos is a doctoral candidate in theater theory and practice at the University of São Paulo, editor and founder of the website Teatrojornal – Leituras de Cena, which has been in existence since 2010, and has already collaborated in other curatorships of theater shows in Maringá. He considers that the actions of the Escala Cultural project come at a good time for the city and correspond to the spirit of our time.

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